Hard News by Russell Brown

The New World Order: A Visual Guide

You're probably spending time with family, or reading a book, or even worshipping. I've been spending my Easter holiday looking into the New World Order, and the people who would warn us of its impending takeover. I have seen many things on YouTube, and I feel I need to share them with you.

Anyone who follows this stuff will know about the "Tea Parties"; would-be citizen tax revolts evoking the Boston Tea Party, and editorially marketed by the likes of Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds and Fox News Channel, the latter most notably via its newest star, the genuinely deranged Glenn Beck.

Problem is, some of the people involved got a bit carried away and came up with slogans like "Teabag the White House!" and called themselves "teabaggers".

You don't even have to know that Wikipedia teabagging as "a slang term for the act of a man placing his testicles in the mouth or on or around the face (including the top of the head) of another person, often in a repeated in-and-out motion as in irrumatio," to sense that the name is a little unfortunate. And you certainly don't need to know what "irrumatio" means. Easy laughs don't come any easier, as MSNBC's Rachel Maddow gleefully demonstrates …

NB:I've posted the rest of this guide here on Public Address System, because our embedded Flash player works on this site more reliably than YouTube's one does, and there would have been a lot of embedded clips to fiddle with otherwise. Click onwards …