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RT: Eyjafjallajokull

One little-known score for Iceland's troublesome volcano – it is providing a great test-case for Google's new offering of real-time Twitter streams in search results. Like this one for Eyjafjallajokull.

Google is including the live Twitter results by default for searches on Eyjafjallajokull, but you can summon it for any search term by clicking the word "Options" at the top left of the results page and expanding the associated menu. Then click "Updates". Volia.

Anyway, as the Official Google Blog explains, you can also use the feature to make historical Twitter searches. This might get interesting.


Meanwhile, my friend Brian has been stuck in Cannes for days now. I know, I know – poor bugger. But truth be known, his TV trade show is over and done with, and he's sounding a little tired and bored on Twitter. When will he get home? A week, maybe? The airlines are getting antsy.


Do you know of someone – specifically, a family – stuck at Heathrow? PA reader Mike Stead can help:

We live an hour from LHR/LGW, in a lovely small town on the North Hampshire downs.

We have a large house and could accommodate a family of 4 easily. Happy to collect them + luggage from the airport. Given the ban is probably going to last days now, we feel so much for families that might be stranded.

If so, contact me via the Reply button and I'll pass on the details.


If you just want terrifying eye candy:

All your volcano + lightning pics on one handy page.

And Gunnar Gestur's Flickr page.

And an anthropomorphically unnerving picture from the air.


Concluding thought: the Icelandic language would seem to be a rich trove of un-guessable passwords …

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