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Remember where you heard it first ...

Righto. The New Zealand iTunes Store is now available as an option in the iTunes app. I had to fiddle about a bit to see it - see advice in the discussion thread for this post - suggesting there's a cacheing issue or something, but it's there, if a bit threadbare as yet.

Also there is the new Apple New Zealand website , incorporating - yes! - an Apple Store. Those new price points look pretty tasty, and I'm quite impressed that the New Zealand Apple Store has picked up my existing Apple ID, with purchase history and all - and that the same existing ID works for the iTunes Store. That makes things easy.

Update: Just bought 'Go (2006)' by Moby, for $1.79, which is 20 cents cheaper than the price everyone was anticipating - and 20 cents cheaper than Vodafone.

And ... In keeping with the rock 'n' roll theme for the day, I'm further delighted to announce our Flying Nun Moments competition. The contributor of the piece of writing - long, short, haiku, whatever - that most takes our fancy will win a copy of the limited-edition 4CD Flying Nun box set (retail value $150), and we'll toss around some tasty Little Brother t-shirts to the runners-up too. Because we're like that.

We also have a special guest post coming on the Flying Nun tip ....

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