Hard News by Russell Brown

Public Address Word of the Year 2016: Now Vote!

It's on! The discussion has been had, the words have been nominated, and now it is time to put them to a vote. I’ve trimmed the list of nominated words and phrases to a manageable size and, as usual, you are invited to rank your top three choices.

Even though we're doing this for the culture, there are prizes.

The first person to have proposed the Word of the Year will receive:

A $100 voucher from La Boca Loca (can be used online)

The brilliant tea towel of your choice from Plum Jam Designs.

A Chromecast from Orcon.

The first person drawn at random from the voters will receive:

A shit-hot Focus vape from The Hemp Store, value $199 (Possibly a little risque, but if you don't have any herbs needing vapourising, someone amongst your friends and family will. Stands to reason. It's harm reduction, bro!)

A Chromecast from Orcon.

The second person drawn at random will receive: 

A Trump hair chopping board (value $80)

A racy "things to say during sex" pillowcase ($10)

And a pair of amusing Kimye socks ($20)

All courtesy Sensitive Boyfriend.

PLUS: The people who first suggested the words ranked from 2 to 5 on the final list will win an awesome teatowel of their choice from Plum Jam Designs.

Thanks so much to our wonderful sponsors. NB: Pilsner Urquell kindly chipped in some delicious Czech beer, but the nanny state says we can't give away alcohol as a prize, so that will go to Hadyn Green for his sterling work in making the voting forms for another year. 

Aaaand  ... Plum Jam!