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Public Address: Technical Profile

This month, Public Address has received 58,493 times more visits from users on Windows than users on SunOS*. This isn't surprising, just a fact.

More interesting is the fact that we haven't seen much sign of Google's Chrome browser overhauling Safari as the third most-used web browser.

The dominant browser used by Public Address readers is Firefox, which accounts for 37.61% of visits, against Internet Explorer's 31.31%. Safari clocks up 19.02% of visits, and Chrome is back on 9.24% From there, it's daylight back to Opera, on 0.85% of visits, or 746. Netscape – remember Netscape? – was responsible for just one visit.

Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer users average more than three page views per visit, but Safari-using dilettantes are back on 2.61. In terms of time spent on site, one guy on a PSP spent 13 minutes, and then it's 9.21 averaged across 30 visits from someone using Galeon (come on down! say hi!), and Firefox dominating another metric with an average 7.26.

Mobile browsers? A few people seem to have used us to test-drive their new Blackberry and HTC handsets this month. 100% of them are logged as new visitors.

The picture is slightly different with respect to operating systems. 66.9% of our visits came from Windows platforms, and a relatively high 26.05% from Mac OS X. Windows XP is still way the most common Windows version (38,509 visits), followed by Vista (10,006) and 7 (7,952). Windows CE and ME are dead to us.

Mac users are more up-to-date: 19,998 visits, or 79.04% of the total from Mac users, came from Mac OS 10.5 or 10.6. Someone using the unreleased Mac OS X 10.7 has swung by every now and then for a total of six visits. One visiting client reported itself as Mac OS 10.6 for PowerPC, which Mac nerds will know is quite freaky (it loaded but a single page).

Oddly enough, Windows/Internet Explorer is still the most common OS/browser combination, and Safari is easily the most popular browser on Macs. Firefox accounts for nearly as many visits on Windows as IE, but only a third of visits from Macs.

Linux was responsible for 4.2% of visits, and Analytics can't tell between versions. Really, what normal person can?

The most common mobile platform, by far, is the iPhone, accounting for 1.77% of visits. Then it's iPod, Android and iPad, in that order.

Only 3,822 visits of nearly 80,000 in total (see updated total at the bottom of this post) were logged as coming from dial-up, users, although nearly half of visits washed up as coming from "unknown" connection speeds. Nearly 10,000 visits were conducted at T1 speed, and 125 at OC3.

Network location: Telecom is the big gun here, unsurprisingly, although we seem to have much more traffic from Orcon users than that company's market share would suggest. The most prolific traffic source that's not an ISP or network provider is … Wilson & Horton! Hi, guys!

The government ministries who love us the most are Social Development and Justice. Figures.

And finally … country of origin. New Zealand stands out, unsurprisingly, with more than 75,000 visits, followed by the US, Australia and UK, all of whom have contributed just shy of 3000 visits for the month. Then it's another tier – Canada, Japan, Germany and China – either side of 500 visits. At the other of the country table, a raft of nations, from Mozambique to Azerbaijan and Syria all clocked up but one visit, and probably got here accidentally while searching for porn. I blame Emma Hart.

*These statistics come from Google Analytics, which gives us 89,519 visits and 276,648 page views as of this morning (most of the other figures were current as of yesterday afternoon when I wrote most of the post, number nerds). Our internal log records give us 160,008 visits and 687,411 page views. Go figure.

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