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Postcard from Christchurch

Greetings from the home of Bob the Toddler. Bob's a dude. I showed him all my best hand tricks -- the finger-pop, the hand-fart and the inverted flying goggles -- and he chuckled indulgently and showed me both pairs of his gumboots.

I jetted into to Christchurch yesterday to plan the explosive launch of The Reserve Bank Annual 2010, the book that will turn central banking on its head. It even includes an exclusive board game and much useful advice for young people.

If you loved David Haywood's My First Stabbing, you may actually be horrified by his new book, but you should feel the fear and do it anyway.

Technically speaking, I came down to do a presentation and a panel at In Media, the media educators' conference, but one must make the most of all opportunities. The plan at present is to stage launch parties for the new Public Address Books by David, Emma Hart and Jolisa Gracewood, in Auckland and Wellington at least. I'll keep you posted.

Update: Now that I'm back in AK and have a moment, thanks to Simon Grigg for the pointer to this piece of awesomeness: the Beatles' legendary 'Revolution No.1 (Take 20)'. It exists! It's brilliant! It's here.

And ... Media7 is there on ondemand. Mike Valintine and Janet Wilson debate boobs and PR-driven news; Hazel Phillips, Wendy Lee of D-Vice, and controversial creative Colin Mitchell talk advertising standards; and Simon Morton talks about making consumer show without grievance.

P Money's new tune declared "hottest record in the world" by Radio 1 tastemaker. But, of course, the embedded BBC audio of Zane Lowe saying so is denied to anyone outside Britain.

You can donate to the Red Cross Samoa Earthquake and Tsunami Appeal.

And I'll let Bob pick the Friday clip. Here's his favourite …

And with that: it's Friday, post what ya got …

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