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#OrconIRL: Why DJs hate weddings and the Serato start-up legend

Thanks so much to everyone who came down to IRL at the Golden Dawn on Association with Orcon on Saturday. After a little weather scare in the morning, it turned out pretty nice. Again, we had 95bFM's Hugh Sundae and his team delivering live sound and vision – and pending a proper edit, you can watch the whole thing right here (scroll forward to 00:20:41 for the first of the talking parts):

I couldn't get time codes to play nice in the embeds, but you can skip to the specific parts with these links:

Esther Macintyre interviews Aroha Harawira about the joys and perils of being a woman in the DJ trade – and why she now requires security at every gig.

I talk to Serato co-founder AJ Bertenshaw about the company's history and culture and its venture into the the consumer space with the new Pyro app. Then he does a little demo. (That's also Pyro you can hear playing and mixing in the breaks between talks.)

Jafa Mafia's Tobi Muir and Silva MC play a little set. Note that it started with a Cornell Campbell dubplate (ie: a special one-off version recorded for them) and finishes with a similar dubplate of Dawn Penn's 'No No No'.

And to conclude, the DJ panel with Tina Turntables, Aroha, Murray Cammick, Dubhead and The Professor, who talk about what gigs DJ all hate (weddings, especially friends' weddings) and the state of the DJ nation. Sorry, the stream broke up a little here, but we'll retrieve a better copy from the source recording.

I didn't take many pictures (busy!) but this one of the place all ready for the floor is nice:

Esther and Aroha have a pre-show chat.

All eyes on the Serato Pyro demo.

And Silva tears it up ...

If you have any pics of the event, feel free to upload them in comments. Keep them to no more than 1MB each and use the "Choose file" button by the comment window to upload.

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