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The New Performance Festival

Many of you will know Jose Barbosa from such popular shows as Media7. But that's not all he does. Indeed, tomorrow night (or tonight, if you're reading this on Friday) he is presenting a two-hour live stream to mark the launch of The Edge's New Performance Festival, between 6pm and 8pm at the festival website.

Jose has taken the arts to the internet before. During last year's Auckland Festival, he presented a live video work from his CBD apartment. I was there and I drank this thing called bacon bourbon, which was like all the umami in the world ever, in a shot glass.

Tomorrow night's work, Fest-O-Vision LIVE, is more journalistic in style, as Jose explains:

The New Performance Festival starts deserves your attention, Aucklanders. (I'd have written about it sooner, but there have been many awesome things to attend to and recover from lately.) Certainly, I'm already favourably disposed towards the Edge team because of the way we've worked so productively with them on Great Blend events, but this seems to me to be more broadly engaged with the act of performance than your average arts fest.

I and other PA people will bring you some reports and reviews as the week unfolds, and you are invited to share your thoughts in the discussion for this post.

There will be late-night music sessions and workshops for performers, but I'm particularly intrigued by The Ping-Pong Pit, which will feature public conversations between two people who happen to be playing table tennis with each other at they speak. Nice.

Another crazy-assed video by Jose explains some more:

The ordained Twitter hashtag is #NPFest and the relevant posts on the Edge's Kiss My Arts blog are here. I'll be attending Call Cutta in a Box (best use of a call centre ever) and 2 Dimensional Life of Her. Will report back.

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