Hard News by Russell Brown


Narcissists and bullies

Let's get this straight: the so-called RoastBusters who were the subject of a 3 News report last night are rapists. I'm hardly the first to say this: people in their own social networks seem to have been telling them the same for at least a year.

I discovered today that a friend's teenage daughter had encountered them. They tried to make her get into the boot of a car. She didn't, and she told her mum about it. Their actions might have been news to most of us last night, but it appears that they're known amongst their own. And that will be just as they like it.

Are these young men performing acts they've seen in pornography? Yes. But there's more to it than that. They're narcissists and bullies who probably do believe their own bullshit when they claim some solemn purpose to what they do. Because, after all, it brings them fame, and what greater justification would anyone need? Like all trolls, they lack empathy and sometimes even see themselves as victims.

Check out one of the ringleaders in the video on the news last night, Beraiah Hales (aka Fernando Hales), on this Facebook page he created for a supposed fight with his associate Joseph Parker, the other one in the video. (None of these pages contain explicit content so far as I can see, but parts are, obviously, offensive and may be triggering.)

We get this same hate all the time, We don't care about it. People should just accept us for who we are and what we have done cause if it hasnt hurt you then fuck off.. Before the roast busters page and videos.. Roast busters were already knowen by every, It wasn't us that talked about it. It was your friends and your friends friends.. We didnt expect to get out there as much as we did but it happen and now you're blaming us for it? Why?

As a number of commenters point out, there's a palpable homoerotic element to this. They're a bunch of young guys who like to get their cocks out together. And that's okay. What's not okay is them deliberately getting younger girls (sometimes under 16) intoxicated past the point of any consent, gangbanging them and then humiliating them as sluts for their Facebook audience. Rape is not okay.

I'm at a loss as to why, if the police have been watching them for for two years, it took a call from 3 News for Facebook to promptly take down the RoastBusters page. Did the police even discuss the page with Facebook? And do they really need a victim complaint to investigate?

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