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Music: K Road Sings

Sunday is the start of Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori, Maori Language Week, which also happens, happily, to be the week of release for Huia's album, Huia's Waiata. The first single, 'Karekare KRoad' is on the Audience chart now:

If you're wondering why it sounds so lush and the bass is so big and warm, it's because she works out of Kog Studios, where they know lush and bassy.

Also featured on The Audience, in a wholly different style, this track from Collapsing Cities' second album, Strangers Again:

It follows 'Regret', the video for which which is gloriously and grimly full of K Road:

Awww ... poor guy.

But you could always cheer him up by going to see Collapsing Cities play their album release show at the King's Arms on Friday. Indeed, I have two double passes to give away for that show and two copies of the album to give away too. Click the envelope icon at the bottom of this post to be in. Use 'Collapsing Cities' as your subject line and indicate whether you're up for just the album or the album and the gig. I'll work it out and get back to you.


Staying with the Karangahape, I wound up taking a nightcap with Cut Collective at their studio after Thursday's Orcon Great Blend and wandered next door to the brand new Bizdojo Makerspace, a pop-up store and workspace at 155B K Road. It's a tremendous space and they're doing some interesting things with it already.

This week that means Co-Create Week, the first of a series of workshops at the makerspace. This week's is focused on fashion. I like what these people are doing and I think I'll have to work out some way of getting in and using this space before the year is out.


Also new, the video for my favourite track on Home Brew's album -- 'Good God'. As I've said before, if you're going to be angry at anyone, it might as well be God:

And yeah, also starring K Road. It's a thing.

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