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Mood and meaning in a time of crisis

Honestly, we weren't quite sure how well this week's Media7 was going to come off, but it turned out to be a very interesting show. The theme is money, meltdown and the media -- and specifically, the impact of gloomy economic news on consumers -- with of author and former British Labour MP Brian Gould, Colmar Brunton's Briar Harland and psychological therapist (specialising in grief and anxiety) Jock Matthews.

They all brought something to the table, and it was useful to hear Bryan explain both the alarming scale of the financial crisis and the relatively limited impact it will have on indivduals who aren't laden with debt or in vulnerable jobs. Briar confirmed that her company is seeing marked changes in attitudes this year, but not always very rational ones. And Jock agreed that he sometimes advises people feeling great anxiety to simply turn off the news.

It's here on TVNZ ondemand. And happily, it appears that both the podcast and our YouTube channel are working this week. There's also the Window Media clips

Unfortunately you don't get the Newsmash segments on YouTube (which I find ironic given that that's where most of the content comes from) or the podcast -- and the opening Newsmash is listed as "Part 3" on the clips page. I'll try and get something done about that, because the show is hard to make sense of without them.

Meanwhile, check out 'The Credit Crunch Anthem', a parody based on 'Candle in the Wind' and my personal favourite of a surprisingly large number of satirical songs about the financial crisis that I found in the course of research:

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