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Modern Lolz

Just a short post today, to let you know that this week's Media7 is a comedy special. We'll be talking to producers and practitioners and looking to find out where the laughs are at.

Our first panel is: Paul Yates, whose TV work includes Facelift and stretches back to Pulp Comedy and Skitz in the 1990s; Dave Armstrong, the co-creator of Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby; and New Zealand International Comedy Festival director Kylie Aitchison.

And then: Jeremey Corbett, Mike King and Jan Maree.

There'll also be a Newsmash looking at the current British TV comedy revival -- which consists of reviving old shows (Red Dwarf, Reginald Perrin) along with their old jokes. And Simon Pound will file a report.

It's an early recording tomorrow -- because of the Comedy Festival, natch -- so if you'd like to be there for the recording, we'll need you at The Classic in Queen Street by 3pm. If you'd like to come, hit Reply and let me know.

Otherwise, you may feel free to review here your own Comedy Festival experiences, or simply ruminate on modern lolz.

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