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Mercury Special

Guy Somerset has interviewed Loop Recordings' irrepressible founder Mikee Tucker for The Listener website today, on occasion of the label's tenth birthday. It's a good read -- and it also looks forward to tomorrow night's multimedia performance of Loop artist Rhian Sheehan's Standing in Silence album at Auckland's Mercury Theatre.

I, too, am looking forward to that performance -- and to simply experiencing the Mercury, which was long lost to some fundy church group, as a public music venue.

But it gets better: you have until 4pm today to go in the draw for a double pass to Rhian's show. Just email me via the link below this post with "Standing in Silence" in the subject line.

In the meantime, here's some video of the Wellington performance of the same work:


Here's a curiousity. In 1980, Auckland University fine arts student Justin Keen designed, built and operated a campus TV station for Orientation. Thirty one years later, it's on YouTube. The first reel of highlights is this -- look out for a long-lost Toy Love performance at the end:

The clips have been nicely annotated, and you may find it more useful to view them on YouTube and jump directly to the parts you're interested in. Look out for Spelling Mistakes, the Primmers, a pet rat and David Merritt as Vitalstatistix.


And finally, just added to NZ On Screen this week: a 1968 episode of the TV talent quest that preceded NZ Idol and the others by so many years -- Studio One. This ep features a 16 year-old Brendan Dugan, but pop-spotters may be more excited by a brief film clip of The Avengers' 'Love Hate Revenge'.

And y'all should definitely be excited by the further addition of a Studio One performance that had a very big impact on me as a kid. Yes, it's Space Waltz doing 'Out on the Street'.

That single was the first record I bought with my own money. Awesome.

NB: Geo-geeks may also care to engage with the newish 'Places' tag on NZ On Screen clips, which allows any user to geotag the videos on the site. Have a go!

Righto: your turn now ...

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