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Media3 starts next week

It would be a cheap joke to say the suppression order has lapsed: but I'll make it anyway. Media3 will launch at 10.30am, next Saturday the 11th on TV3.

Things have been getting real in the past week. There's a fledgling new Facebook page for the show waiting for you to Like it, I shot a Saturday mornings promo yesterday with the presenter of The Nation, Rachel Smalley, (it feels quite novel being promoted this way) and we have rehearsals in our new recording location (the ballroom at the Villa Dalmacija) this week. Future recordings will be on Thursday evenings.

I'll blog in more detail next week, but one thing I can say is that we'll have a recap and critique of Olympic media coverage and issues.

Further out, you can expect coverage from us of The Project [R]evolution social media conference being staged by AUT at the end of this month.

So ... see you Saturday week!

PS: Thanks, New Zealand On Air.

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