Hard News by Russell Brown


Kittens and Confetti

My friend Blair Parkes is a busy man. This year he gave us Chimney Book, one of the most important creative works to be associated with this site. And lately -- and on another tip entirely -- he's been busting out the fuzz again.

Please be welcoming Blair's new project Saturations' 'Kittens'. Yeah baby.

Didja like that? There's six songs for you here to buy on Bandcamp.

The Flying Nun 30th Anniversary shows the length of the land last month weren't just about the old folks. Nun's new signings were there too -- and sometimes the two crashed into each other and made confetti. Check out F in Math covering The Clean's 'Getting Older' at the Wellington 30th anniversary show at Mighty Mighty:

And finally, fellow Nunsters Badd Energy have had their single 'Third Eye' out on the wires since October -- but it haz kittens, awesome kittens -- so let's be having that too:

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