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KGB yeah!

It's Karajoz Great Blend time again, and this might just be our best round yet. As ever the events are free (koha most welcome on the night), the wine is kindly priced, the Karajoz coffee is free, the talk is lively and the vibe is relaxed.

Our two overseas guests are Mr Brown, Singapore's groundbreaking, irreverent blogger and podcaster, and Dr William Cooper, formerly head of interactive at BBC Broadcast (and before that head of new media operations) and now of publisher of informitv, a news site dedicated to the future of television. You can see an interview with him here.

Joining them in Wellington next Thursday will be Tom Cotter, general manager of content and delivery in TVNZ's emerging business division (and other BBC alumni), another panellist or two and - yes! - the band of the moment, the L.E.Ds, playing their first North Island show.

In Auckland next Saturday (Sept 1), we'll have William Cooper and Mr Brown again, along with the wicked Nat Torkington from O'Reilly Media and TVNZ's head of emerging business Jason Paris and digital content chief Eric Kearley. Again, the L.E.D.s will bring the goodness.

There will be video and one or two surprises. It's going to be a lot of fun, and I'm really happy with our new venues.

I'm particularly grateful to our sponsors: Karajoz Coffee Company (of course), TVNZ and the British Council, and to Monteith's for the beer and Hatton Estate for the fine wine. Thanks also to the Asia:NZ Foundation for help with Mr Brown.

Thursday Aug 30, from 6pm at the Overseas Terminal

• Chat and show-and-tell with Tom Cotter, TVNZ
• Mr Brown Show: Mr Brown introduces various of his audio and video works for the audience.
• Digital futures Panel featuring Dr Cooper, Tom Cotter, Mr Brown and Mark Cubey of Radio NZ
• The L.E.D.s!

Saturday Sept 1, from 6pm at the Dalmatian Society ballroom

• Onstage interview with Eric Kearley and Dr Cooper
• Mr Brown Show
• Digital Panel featuring Jason Paris, Dr Cooper, Mr Brown, Nat Torkington of O’Reilly Media
• The L.E.D.s!

You are all warmly invited, until such time as the rooms fill up. To RSVP for Wellington, click here, and to RSVP for Auckland, click here. Be quick.

PS: Oh, and I've just confirmed the very cool Clare O'Leary for both the Auckland and Wellington panels. She's currently the strategic analyst at NZ On Air and has a background in film-making, digital content policy and work with the computer gaming industry. Some of us also remember her band.

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