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Colin Espiner blogs the Labour caucus's annual press drinks, and includes the following tidbits:

Prime Minister Helen Clark was there, too, circulating around the room. It’s always interesting at these things to see which MPs and journalists Velcro themselves to her side at such events. I’m not going to name any names, since I still have to work here.

I bailed about 10pm, declining a lift in David Cunliffe’s Crown limo since I’d brought my own wheels. TV3’s Duncan Garner cheerfully accepted a lift with Cullen, however. And because if you give Duncan an inch he will take a mile, he got the driver to drop Cullen off at his flat and then head back to the party to pick up a few mates before directing the Crown limo back into town to a late-night bar. Only in New Zealand.

No word on how Damian Christie got home.

Interesting: in the US, Nielsen NetRatings is de-emphasising page impressions as its principal measure of website traffic in favour measuring minutes spent on site. This has a general virtue: it de-incentivises chopping up content to maximise page views; and a specific virtue for us: in Nielsen's figures, Public Address is usually the top site in the country for average time spent on each page.

In a related vein, and against the backdrop of Murdoch's tilt for Dow Jones, Jason Kemp surveys opinion on the prospects for print media. Interesting observation on how much more bountiful Fairfax's margins are in New Zealand than Australia.

Nice post by Nat Torkington on Google's authentic voice problem. Nat also noticed this CoffeeGeek post about antipodean coffee culture.

The official Hansard is now searchable back to 2000. (Hat tip: No Right Turn)

As a follow-up from Monday's broadside here, Simon Baron-Cohen of Cambridge's Autism Research Centre has spoken to The Times about the bizarre stories in The Observer last weekend. He thinks it's a Wakefield jack-up too …

And, finally, climate change denialists are going to have to find another tune. It's not solar activity. Really.

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