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Just pretend it's Friday already

I'm on the move today and tomorrow, so consider this a Friday post with the musical goodies that implies.

For a start, there's the new Flying Nun Records website, which will steadily be populated with useful resources on back-catalogue and current label artists (I'm doing them a Headless Chickens backgrounder) over the next few months. It also includes a shop.

There's also a new blog by founder and once-again owner Roger Shepherd, which he's kicked off by explaining the challenges of gathering all the historical litter of the label.

So, go look.

Also, go look at Reuben Sutherland's gorgeous new video for the Phoenix Foundation's 'Pot'.

And peruse the APRA Silver Scrolls finalists for this year. My present favourite from a strong – and relatively youthful – list is Julia Deans' wonderful waltz-timed 'A New Dialogue'. Appropriately, the Herald's poll has The Naked and Famous's 'Young Blood' out in front at the moment.

And Fiona has written here about This Is Not My Life, which I also heartily endorse.

We have an excellent (if all-too-brief) interview with co-creator Rachel Lang on Media7 tonight. Ironically, it's on opposite This Is Not My Life. I will understand if you watch TV One rather than TVNZ 7, but set your PVRs if you've got 'em, and don't forget that you can always catch up with Media7 online, or watch the encore screenings on TVNZ 7 tomorrow (Friday) at 10.10am and 2.10pm, Monday at 9.10pm and Tuesday at 10.10am and 2.10pm.

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