Hard News by Russell Brown


Itinerary packed, bags not just yet

Hey-ho. I'm off to Christchurch, city of vice, for Dramfest and some other things. Our itinerary is packed, my bags not just yet.

Perhaps you could have a gander at the Idealog blogs, or Theyworkforyou.co.nz. Instaputz has the commentary on Glenn Reynolds' most recent fits of putziness, and if you haven't been over to NZBC for a while, you oughta.

How many more days do you reckon the Wellington-based media can wring out of the tedious sooky-Aucklanders-can't-handle-an-earthquake narrative they've come up with? And are they overcompensating already?

And if only our newsreaders had as much personality as Jeremy Paxman.

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