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Introducing GodTube

PZ Myers spotted a new YouTube knockoff, GodTube, and promptly set about making fun of the loopy creationist stuff you just knew was going to be there.

But I found something a bit more interesting: a set of four parodies of the Mac vs PC ads which - if I'm reading them right - promote a groovier, less uptight brand of liberal Christianity to the extent that its adherents are "Jesus followers", rather than embarrassing, uncool Christians. It's the Mac brand of Christianity, effectively. The parodies are actually quite clever. The first one is here, and you can use the "next" navigation at the top right to step through the other three.

Of course, if you prefer it a little weirder, you may enjoy the slightly scary Christian Clown Training Part 1 and Part 2.

There are also reports on mission work, a regular weekly broadcast on the persecution of Christians around the world and a lot of swivel-eyed Bible Code stuff.

Meanwhile, check out the first comment for this OneGoodMove post about the Scooter Libby verdicts. Cheney's chief of staff was found guilty on four counts of lying to the investigation and obstruction of justice, and not guilty on one. Fox News breaking headline: Scooter Libby found Not Guilty of lying to the FBI. You could not make this shit up.

No Right Turn turns up the outrage-o-meter on National's not-well-thought-through plan to hand carbon credits to foresters for trees planted years before carbon credits even existed.

And Synthetic Thoughts looks at the excellent PBS documentary about spin, scandal and media ethics, Frontline Newswar. He notes that you can watch the whole thing (three parts so far) on the PBS website, but finds it a little annoying, even though the video presented better than it is on most TV websites. Torrent-friendly readers may care to seek it out on the wires - it's worth the trouble.

Also, don't forget to share memories of merriment in our Stories: Best Party Ever feature. You know you want to.

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