Hard News by Russell Brown


Incoming: Summer

Things will be a little quieter on Public Address over the next month or so. I'll still be around (if I don't answer the door I'll be out on the deck) but I thought it would be a good idea to make you a thread to report on where you'll be, where it's at and how it is for summer.

We'll be pretty much staying in Point Chev, keeping an eye on the tide, spotting tui and enjoying the gloriously empty roads, but I'm keen to hear from y'all wherever you are.

Feel free to post photos, too. You can do that by click the "Choose file" button under comment window and selecting a pic (note that this only works if you've already typed some text into the comment window). You can use the edit button to add up to three pics to every comment. Try and keep your images to about 1MB in size.


Meanwhile, here's me after the first swim of the season down at the Chev on Monday. Bit windy, but the water's warm ...

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