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In tha Hoodie

A few of us at Public Address will be wearing hoodies for Hoodie Day, Friday May 30, which is one of the events for Youth Week, May 26 to June 1. The choice of garment isn't accidental: hoodies are a sort of sartorial shorthand for stigmatisation of youth (or what No Right Turn calls "pedophobia").

We'd like to emphasise the good things about hoodies, much as we'd like to see the good in young folk, rather than obsessing about, say, youth crime (which is on a steady decline) in the media. And besides, we get to wear hoodies designed by Chey freakin' Ataria.

Juha Saarinen points to an intriguing survey on the ProjectX blog: The New Zealand Homepage Hall of Shame.

I was slightly shocked to find out how many leading homepages weigh in at ~1MB. Including, as it happens, Stuff. (TV3 was the worst performer, followed by Kiwiblog.) I agree with Juha, it'd be nice to see the same tests run over a 2Mbit/s DSL connection, but this does emphasise what dial-up internet users (still over 40% of the market) are up against, and also indicates the challenges for mobile internet users.

95bFM's Jose Barbosa interviewed me recently for a retrospective on New Zealand's first dedicated music channel, Max TV. It has turned out really well, I think. It includes chats with Kevin Black, Mikey Havoc, Nick D and even has a little audio from the infamous swansong broadcast. (There's a dude out there with 12 whole hours of legally perilous TV on tape.)

Another bFM goodie: from Joe Nunweek's Wire show this week, a fascinating discussion with Ryan Sproull and Haden about the new "cyber thriller" Untraceable, which looks quite a lot like an anti-net neutrality propaganda effort.

If you live in Christchurch, you can see a free Chills show in Cathedral Square tomorrow, as part of Hepatitis Awarenesss Day. The event runs
10am - 3pm and also features Ois to Men and Lunger. The Chills are on about 1pm.

And finally, I've been liking a lot the slinky, beguiling Cousin Cole edit of Bruce Springsteen's 'I'm On Fire'. No, really. It doesn't seem to be either official or available for sale, so you should probably just get on over to Distortion Disco and download it.

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