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I hope she does something interesting

As it happens, I was talking with a mate over the holidays what Theresa Gattung should do next. We agreed that it would be great if she actually departed the national governance club, stopped hanging around with old men in suits, and found a start-up to head. We also decided that she'd probably stick with what she knew, pick up a few directorships and spend more time at the beach.

That would be a shame. She's only my age, after all, and there must be a 10 million dollar company she could have a crack at turning into a 50 million dollar company. It would certainly be more fun than running Telecom, which she inherited at a time when the Deane doctrine - drive out costs, defer capital spending, pay heroic dividends, defend market dominance - was running out of steam. Her failure to see the writing on the wall regarding regulation certainly suggests she needed to get out more.

Anyway, from the occasional contact I had with her, in person or by email, she has struck me as intelligent and approachable. I hope she does something interesting.

I'm off to Kiwi Foo for the next few days, hauling up the contents of a small café and a Sky decoder for the rugby. So I'll leave you with a couple of reasons to be cheerful.

C4 has started screening the actual daily Daily Show, four nights a week in pretty much real time. You can save your monthly data cap for some other torrents.

A US study may have identified a cheap, safe drug that kills most cancers. And it's not under patent.

Perhaps y'all could suggest a few more …

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