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Good Friday Music

One thing I'm going to be doing this long weekend is taking in the new Rhian Sheehan album, Stories from Elsewhere, which expands on his trademark cinematic style. It's available for $20 on Bandcamp in the usual range of formats. I'ma go lossless on this one:

Also freshly up on Bandcamp, Under the Arcade, a notably varied collection of acts who've featured at the Wine Cellar and Whammy Bar on K Road. BTW, there really was a St Kevin, but it appears that he would not have approved one little bit of what goes on on K Road:

I particularly like this one:


Over at TheAudience, Christchurch's Salad Boys include members of Bang! Bang! Eche! but you wouldn't know it from this track which is so firmly in the classic Flying Nun vein that you sense Robert Scott himself would be happy to claim it:

Note that's there's a free download of that, and a nine-track album at name your price on Bandcamp. I liked the track so much I flicked them a lazy tenner for the album.

Speaking of the Nun, David Farrier did a nice story for 3 News on Josh Burgess, the 23 year-old who went to New York, became an intern for the revered vinyl reissue label Captured Tracks -- and helped do the deal which will see the pick of the Flying Nun back-catalogue appear on the label.

The No Problemos are, I think, the first act from the beautiful Kapiti Coast that I've recommended here. Some nice, blazed hip hop vibes:


And that'll probably do for now, save to observe that for this day -- ie, the Thursday before Easter -- in 1989, I have a special memory. That's the day we put on the first of the Housequake dance parties at The Powerstation in Auckland. I put "Pagan Easter Workout" on the flyers and wrote a slightly blasphemous ad for bFM, featuring the voice of Jesus, who was, er, hanging out.

From memory, I also dropped this Chicago classic, which is a bit biblical on it ...

Aw yeah ...

Anyway, perhaps a YouTube club-classics jam (with stories!) might be the go for the long weekend. Just paste in the video URL (not the embed code) and it'll auto-embed. Over to you, party people ...

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