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Go Access

After a couple of days discussing the digital media future, it was useful yesterday to go and see it happening at the grassroots.

Wellington Access Radio has a very cool web-based system, developed in-house with modest funding from the Community Partnerships Fund created under the National Digital Strategy.

The system lets individual programme makers present and manage radio content, share it with other participating stations (Hamilton Community Radio and the excellent Fresh FM in Nelson share the same content management system with Wellington) and deliver it in clever ways: you can generate a "virtual channel" of all programming in a particular language, for example.

The website doesn't really get as much traffic as it deserves. So pop on over and have a look around and a listen.

And with that, I'm throwing clothes into my bag and heading for the airport. If you're going to the Karajoz Great Blend tomorrow night, see you there. But please: don't be late. William Cooper will be on at 6.30pm because he has to fly out tomorrow night. Anyway, it was great fun here last night and I'm sure it'll be just as good tomorrow night.

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