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Friday Visions

I'll link to the work gig first, then we can freestyle it a little. Last night's Media7 is available online now. It includes a pretty thorough discussion with Paul Brislen and Chris Barton about what the government's ultra-fast broadband plan actually is, and what they believe is wrong with it. I confess, the more research I did on this topic this week, the more disillusioned I became.

Then, in part two, Jose interviews the Gregory Brothers, creators of Autotune the News, 'The Bed Intruder Song' and more. He even gives them a framed picture of our totally rad Prime Minister.

A little bit of a mash-up of Katrina Shanks' unbelievable speech in favour of the file-sharing amendment bill this week. Be aware that this person was on the select committee that scrutinised the law.


A couple of clips my son Leo showed me this week, with his comments.

"Not up to speed with the history of the Soviet Union? This should help you catch up. It's also really catchy..."

"Charlie, sick of the chocolate factory, decides to head over to Steve Jobs' place and see what's so special." Embedding disabled, but it's here on YouTube and it's very funny. Thanks, Leo.


The 1944 Walter Lantz cartoon short, The Greatest Man in Siam. Look at the row of doors from about 3.20. Ooo-er! The explanation is in this New York Times story about the hidden delights in the work of animator Shamus Culhane:

The standout track from Jamie Xx and Gil Scott Heron's wonderful remix album We're New Here:

Just for nice, a sweet little re-edit of the Steve Miller Band's 'Fly Like An Eagle':

[1976] Steve miller band - fly like an eagle (Disco Syndicate's easy ease edit) by Disco Syndicate

Oh, and Motorhead doing 'God Save the Queen'. Because why wouldn't you?

And, finally, because it's one of the greatest rock songs of all time, The Saints' 'Know Your Product'. Hear the horns and rejoice, people:

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