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Friday Music: Hyper than the rest

There's been an interesting and useful change at TheAudience: the site has moved to a daily voting chart as a default view, which makes it more like a proper hype site -- and thus worth visiting more frequently. The Focus Chart (which I never really understood) has also been renamed the Wildcard Chart, which makes more sense.

Of interest there right now, 'Rome', by The Wyld, which puts me in mind of Theophilus London:

Another slinky number from Steph Brown, aka Lips:

This sweet, instrumental "witch house" (it says here) track from the impossible-to-Google Auckland act whose name is, um, three spaces:

They have a whole album for free download on Bandcamp. I wish them much luck with their innovative branding strategy.

And Moyenah's atmospheric 'Don't Play Dumb With Me':


I think it's a safe bet this is going to be played a lot this summer. Fat Freddy's 'Silver and Gold', from their forthcoming (next year) album Blackbird, is a bluesy dub monster -- and it's a free download!

And also local -- although you might not know it -- this thunderous new track from Dub Terminator. I love this quite a lot right now.

And because I'm pretty much a sucker for any remix of Aretha's 'Rock Steady':


We were supposed to be in the post-iPod age. Our music is supposed to be in The Cloud. Everybody was supposed to have a pony by now. But this story on Digital Music News quotes an industry analyst who makes the case that digital music revenues have been an extension of iPod sales. And when iPod sales started to dip in 2009 ...

And then sometimes I think the industry deserves to die. I've linked to the odd remix by RAC in the past -- and was really pleased to see that remixes of tracks by Foster the People, Mayer Hawthorne, Tegan and Sara and more finally been bundled up for iTunes purchase. So I clicked through from their Soundcloud stream ...

... to discover that this compilation is not available in my territory. So -- not for the first time -- the social media marketing brings me in, and the shop throws me out. This is fucking stupid.


But to end on a happier note: Public Enemy's DJ Lord cuts up 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' at a gig in London last week. Fuck yeah!

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