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Friday Music: Fickle Rock

One of the good things about seeing Courtney Barnett playing Laneway this week (see Jackson's Capture post for great photos – and various reviews in the comments) was hearing songs from her forthcoming album (see the Rolling Stone story here).  And lo, we haven't had to wait long for a more enduring taste, with the release of the video for the first single, 'Pedestrian at Best', a song about the fleeting nature of critical fame.


I tweeted this last week, but it's worth highlighting here too: Simon Grigg's Trawling through the crates – the lost record stores of inner Auckland for Audioculture is a great, and nicely illustrated, tour of places that used to be.

See also John Dix's Strangers on the Shore, a look at musical immigrants, from jazzman Bob Gilett to madman Jaz Coleman.

And separately, a profile of Thai-born Simon Kong, a largely unheralded player n New Zealand's dance culture.


This is very cool. Auckland vinyl collector Kris Holmes has posted a mix compiled from his collection of gospel 7" singles. It's a lovely listen:

I Won't Have To Cry - A Deep Gospel 45s Mix by Kris_Holmes on Mixcloud


Another week, another impressive young woman from Christchurch representing on TheAudience. This time it's 17 year-old Maya Payne and this is quite a track.

Also, in "can't post this right now" news, Anthonie Tonnon has a nice new tune coming. 'Water Underground' is the fruit of his relationship with the Pittsburgh label Wild Kindness, which is premiering the track overnight. I'll add the embed when it goes public this weekend.

Finally, I've been asked to DJ in the dance tent next Sunday, the 8th, at the 2015 Big Gay Out and I am delighted both to be part of an event that always makes me proud to be a Point Chevalian, and at the prospect of busting out some Big Gay Tunes. Not sure exactly what time I'm on yet, but I'll let you know next week.

It's highly likely that this will get a spin ...

And just to celebrate, I've put that up as a big-ass WAV download (90MB!) for today only (I should really ask Bobby, but it's just a few hours and hopefully he'll approve of the purpose). Right-click here, save-as and dance like a whole tent full of people are watching and you just don't care.


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