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Friday Music: Curatin' for Your Love

I'm pleased and intrigued that Lorde has been commissioned to curate the soundtrack for the next Hunger Games movie -- and I'd like to claim credit. Well, I can't really, but it was obvious to me after Ella picked Lorde's Mixtape for us last year that she is a curatorial talent and it's not hard to see her career developing in that direction.

It also puts me in mind of something Adam Holt said to me as her music was beginning to take off about the importance of good taste in an artist's arsenal. She's certainly got that.


It's a big week for David Kilgour: not only has the prodigious four-album vinyl set of The Clean's Anthology landed (see rave review from Britain's The Line of Best Fit blog), but he's previewing End Times Undone, the new album from David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights, which sounds pretty great. You can listen to it here:

What with The Chills earning storming live reviews on their European tour and NME running a spread on the Flying Nun heritage, it's all quite nice.


It's also nice to see the Hallelujah Picassos back with 'Salvadore (Miles Away from You)', a sweet little pop tune that happens to be the band's first new recording in 18 years. You can click through on the player here to grab it at a price of your choosing:

Cool new tune from pop culture rhyme artist Randa on TheAudience:

You can download that and another new one, 'Fortress', at Randa's Soundcloud.

Another nicely idiosyncratic local hip hop track from the excellently-named Lost Bandits Forgotten Royalties:


I like what Shihad are doing in premiering their new album FVEY with a gig to raise money for the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Fund. The show at Christchurch's CBS Arena will be free, with the revenue coming (hopefully) from a  $19.95 charge to watch it live via Sky Box Office. I've never bothered with Sky Box Office before, but I think the price is not unreasonable -- and that live concert broadcasts in general represent a largely untapped opportunity for artists.


Heard this on the radio last weekend. Proper mad. I like it:


If you want to know what the kids are up to -- and how those bedroom producers sound on the big big stereo -- there's 95bFM presents bANG!, an electronic showcase tomorrow night at the King's Arms, featuring Race Banyon, Totems, Career Girls and more.

Race Banyon is also playing tonight at Golden Dawn with She's So rad, who will be presenting both their disco and shoegaze sides. I think I'll be getting along there.

And ... oh god, I need to go outside. Post some good shit of your own in the comments, hey?

But wait, there's more! The long-lost and legendary promo video for 'I'm Bored' made by Iggy Pop during his 1979 visit here and screened on Radio With Pictures recently turned up on YouTube. Features The Beehive and a great many Kiwi liggers ligging. It cuts off early but not before the famous woman-throws-wine-over-Iggy moment.


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