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Friday Media Bag

Oddly enough, someone asked me yesterday: "Do you know what’s happening with the Agenda replacement?" And I said "No." Even when Damian Christie mentioned later that he had a gig with "the new Paul Holmes show" I didn't twig. Well, it's out now: Q & A will feature Guyon Espiner on political interviews, Holmes on something more intimate in the interview line and the excellent Therese Arseneau running a discussion panel.

There seems to be less work for pundits -- Arseneau's panels will "include high profile kiwis from all sectors – industry, community, business, welfare, unions, religion, education, charity – basically the people who are actively involved in New Zealand and make decisions that influence our lives rather than sideline commentators or observers."

Meanwhile, in news that should raise eyebrows, APN's chief executive Brendan Hopkins has quietly sold more than half his shares in the company in the past four months. It doesn't quite seem to square with his recent ringing endorsements of the company's prospects.

There are a couple of really special things freshly up on NZ On Screen: to wit, the whole of Geoff Murphy's Blerta Revisited documentary is one. I have a precious childhood memory of seeing the Blerta bus roll past my school playground in Greymouth in the 70s. No one else knew what it was, but I was excited by it.

And several excerpts from Jame Belich's The New Zealand Wars is another.

Meanwhile, last night's Media7 show looking at suppression orders and the media, and the hazards for young sportsmen in the age of celebrity, is available for viewing on TVNZ ondemand.

Deja Voodoo and 95bFM are giving away a download of 'Grungewolf', from the forthcoming new Deja Voodoo album The Shape of Grunge to Come. It's probably complete shit, but it is free …

Leo has another game review online: this time for 2005's F.E.A.R., which he describes as "the digital embodiment of the sin of gluttony." He also pointed the Cylon Detector on the iPhone at Colin the Cat and got this:

Actually, quite freaky.

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