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Friday Fun with Brickface

As I've previously noted, one of the treats at next Thursday's Orcon Great Blend is Blair Parkes' video work based on Brickface, the "typeface" he created by painting on bricks from the chimney wrecked by the Christchurch earthquakes at his house in New Brighton.

It occurred to me that it would be good to do some more with Brickface given the work that has gone into it -- and also to have some fun with it.

So, with Blair's permission, I got the lads at CactusLab to build a simple Flash app that will write out any message you type in Brickface, and save the result as an image file. The Brickface app is here.

What I'd like to do is present the best and brightest of the Brickface messages on a reel on the big screen as people arrive next Thursday night.

For that purpose, we've switched on file uploads in the forum for this post. It's a global setting, so that means the permission applies to all the threads. If it's abused, I'll have to turn it off again, but for now, you can visit the Brickface app, craft and save your message and upload it here.

NB: To see the upload button you'll need to come into the thread this way, ie, via Public Address System (which is a handy way in anyway, if you follow the dscussion threads regularly). It's a bit fiddly, but the upload facility wasn't actually designed for public use.

Have fun!

PS: If you really want to come on Thursday and you haven't RSVPd, this is your very last chance to do so here. We're basically full, but I'll leave it open for the next couple of hours and then cut it off so I can export the mailing and send the reminder email out.

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