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Fox News: I know, right?

That Fox News Channel is principally the messaging arm of the US Republican Party is not, in itself, news. Although there is a vestigal part of the operation that conducts something recognisable as journalism, the endless, ubiquitous talk-show elements are something else altogether.

But you don't really get to see Fox in full cry until there's an emergency. Like, say, when Michelle Obama gives a convention speech -- or when the Republican candidate for the Presidency has his campaign hurled into crisis when a tape emerges of him saying what he really thinks.

Last night's Daily Show featured an extended item about Fox's response to the "47% tape", under the banner Chaos on Bullshit Mountain. Just watch it. It helps to bear in mind that actual memos with actual talking points go out every day at Fox. That's whay everyone says the same thing -- until they're told to say the next thing. It's amazing.

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