Hard News by Russell Brown


I have a feast for you

There's a lot of tasty stuff laid out on on the smorgasbord today. You might want take it in more than one bite. But let's just say I'm a proud and happy catererer ...

First, the day job. I really enjoyed making this week's Media7: some weeks just flow better than others, and this was one of those. You can watch the programme, featuring The Guardian's Paul Lewis and University of Canterbury's Bronwyn Hayward on the English riots, then Greg McGee on coming out as a man, in a literary sense, here on demand. And there's the full 18-minute interview with Lewis on covering the riots, crowdsourcing via Twitter and looming social media crackdowns online here.


Hey! We actually managed it: we have video of a Great Blend event. It has always been the thing that we thought of too late; that lay just beyond the budget boundary. But my old buddy Ross Williams (Big Ross to his friends) came through for us -- running two cameras on the night and putting together the clips below, single-handed. Thanks also to Malcolm Ibell, for making an excellent sound recording, and all the other things he does that make the Orcon Great Blend what it is.

The one thing from the evening that isn't here is Chimney Book, Blair Parkes' soulful and moving multimedia account of life under earthquake in New Brighton. There's a wee taste in the mash-up, but Blair and I agreed it should be made available in the best possible setting, and I'm happy to say it has been accepted NZ On Screen and you will be able to see it there soon.

But for now, here's a mash-up to give you the flavour of the evening (although that thumbnail frame may induce nightmares):

And Emma's story (you can read the full text here):

And David Haywood's outrageously funny and profoundly educational lecture on cranial dimensions and finance ministers, which is on no account to be seen by Kathryn Ryan:

So there you are -- even if you weren't there. Next time, I'm hoping to have the whole thing webcast. And next year, we are going to Christchurch.


I noted last week that Public Address Radio, our little programme on Radio Live, had had its funding discontinued by NZ On Air. Most of what we did over five years is available in the podcast archive, but our producer, Thom Watts, suggested that we take the best of the live performances from our music interviews and present them in a way that you all can enjoy. So he went and did the work. I'll be shouting him a drink this evening.

I have no facility for music, and it never ceased to amaze me what our musical guests could conjure in a plain room in the afternoon with just a guitar (and somtimes a keyboard) and voice. Everything but the microphones (usually) is unplugged.

I've uploaded half of Thom's Top Twelve to Soundcloud and embedded them below -- I'll post the other six next week. You can play these tracks on the page and click the little arrow icon to download them. If you like what you hear, I would urge you to seek out other recordings by the artists. They're all good:

Julia Deans 'A New Dialogue' (Live on PA Radio) by knowyourproduct

Lawrence Arabia 'Fine Old Friends' (Live on PA Radio) by knowyourproduct

Tiny Ruins 'Little Notes' (Live on PA Radio) by knowyourproduct

Her Make Believe Band 'Stay' (Live on PA Radio) by knowyourproduct

Tami Neilson 'Cry Myself To Sleep' (Live on PA Radio) by knowyourproduct

Pikachunes 'Just a Boy' (Live on PA Radio) by knowyourproduct

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