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Fame Friday

As you might have gathered from my occasional plaintive wail, Wednesday evening was a busy one for me. First, we recorded a Media7 show on the Ports of Auckland dispute, then I ran out the door to get to Auckland Museum to host Mind Reading? The Science of Imaging the Brain, which you can view online here (contains killer facts).

Twice in the evening, someone informed me that I had received a shout-out in the new Home Brew track, 'Fuck'. It's a made-on-the-spot diatribe about corporate media arising from a Twitter storm this week that included this:

So finally, after a couple of hours carefully rinsing facts out of my head, I get home and check it out:

Only to discover that not only does John Campbell get his shout-out before me, but I've missed out on a download, because Home Brew only have the free Soundcloud account.

Those cheap bastards are dead to me. Dead.


Registrations opened this week for Internet NZ's NetHui conference in July, at a more than reasonable $40. The conference schedule hasn't been filled yet, but you'll notice on the Events page that on Thursday, July 12, we'll be running an Orcon Great Blend in association with NetHui. It'll be open to both NetHui delegates and you dear readers.

I'll be developing the creative ideas over the next few weeks, but you can be assured of a conscious party. (Also: Christchurch, I haven't forgotten you. We will get there.)


Got decent speakers on your computer? Turn 'em up and listen to the first track from Lee Perry's Blackboard Jungle Dub:

Via Richard Metzger of Dangerous Minds, who notes:

 If you listen closely, this would appear to be a stereo mix, but it’s not. It’s two different mono channels. Each channel is mixed down to a insanely trippy conclusion—in mono—and then married to the other. Fantastic! It’s a sonic masterpiece of incredible genius.

The original post includes a short doco about the album and about Lee Perry's first foray into dubstep a couple of years ago.


New Hot Chip tune! Hard-to-watch home-made video!

From the DJ History Users group on Soundcloud, a very cool remix of Shirley Ellis's 1963 song 'The Nitty Gritty'.

And on an entirely different tip, I've long had an MP3 of Elvis Costello and Lucinda Williams covering the Rolling Stones' 'Wild Horses'. It's a stone back-to-mine classic, but until now never I'd thought till now of looking up the actual clip ...



And, finally, James Milne (aka Lawrence Arabia) popped around yesterday for a beer and some figs and an interview for his oral history project about Christchurch (especially the music scene) in the early (and mid) 80s. James was born in 1981 and has a keen academic interest in what went on then. I know some of you have such memories: feel free to share them here.

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