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Everybody's vogueing on the media dancefloor

This week's Media7 looks at the political marketing now being rolled out as part of the general election campaign. There's a fun Newsmash -- which highlights an amusing message conflict in National's opening address -- and Simon Pound got a great report out of what people do to election hoardings.

The panel is John Ansell, the creator of National 2005 billboard (and the "Taxathon" TVC), former Labour Party president Bob Harvey (who created the campaign that brought Norm Kirk to office in 1972, history fans) and Auckland University political marketing specialist Jennifer Lees-Marshment. We discuss the messaging so far -- up to and including Labour's new "A Tale of Two Johns" attack ad.

By general acclaim, the Greens' campaign is the winner and National's isn't a patch on 2005. Labour's is blunt, Act's is messy and no one can understand United Future.

The ondemand version is here, the Windows media clips are here, the podcast is here -- and it'll be along on YouTube sometime soon.

Meanwhile, I'd best be packing a bag for the NZ On Screen launch in Wellington this afternoon …

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