Hard News by Russell Brown


Do Want?

It's the iPad. The most striking thing about today's big reveal is the price: from US$499; and Apple's productivity apps for US$9.99 from the App Store. Then there's the support from book publishers, which does not bode well for Amazon's Kindle. And the unveiling of what is essentially a new operating system, which blends the characteristics of the iPhone OS and Mac OS X.

The big surprise, for me, is the absence of a user-facing camera – so no Skype, let alone facial recognition. And there was no "one more thing"; no everything-will-be-different-after-this. But I want one, oh yes.

Juha Saarinen and Ben Gracewood already have some thoughts posted – the former sees problems with 3G specs in New Zealand and the latter decodes the announcement as meaning that there will be no iBook Store in New Zealand for the time being. And every woman I know is making sanitary towel jokes.

Your thoughts?

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