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Democracy Night

Welcome to our election-night thread. Having happily observed a few hours' reflection and a few minutes' participation, we can all get rowdy again.

Please, feel free to do what Public Address readers always do so well; share your experience, even if your experience is just shouting at the television. The upload button in the discussions will let you share images. (You need some text typed in the window before you use it or the upload may fail. Around 500KB seems to be a good size for posting.)

I'll be on the move this evening and will post from my phone, but perhaps not all that often. So have fun, keep the place nice and bear in mind Public Address Rule One.


I'm proud to say that Public Address's Keith Ng has created a cracking graphic tool for tonight's results.

His Election Night Map is being hosted by Scoop. It lets you view comparative strength in each party's vote -- as compared with 2008. So it's the swing -- you'll see at a glance which way each party's vote is going. A mouse-over lets you drill down to each electorate.

Amazingly, Keith only suggested the project to Scoop's Alastair Thompson on Tuesday. (Clearly, there wasn't time to come up with a sexy-hip-yet-suitable-for-trademarking name for the thing.)

Scoop and ElectionResults.co.nz will both be carrying it tonight.

You may also care to know that the Discourse podcast team will be streaming Discourse Votes, "New Zealand’s only HD election broadcast" from 7pm. On the internet. Here.


And, as exclusively announced right here this very week, there will be multiple prizes of award-winning New Zealand-made Zumwohl schnapps up for grabs tonight for tweeters who tweet wittily and incorporate the #zumwohl hashtag. If you follow @ZumwohlParty on Twitter, that makes it easier for us to deliver to you and keeps the client happy.

Note: Offer not to be used in conjunction with the Listener Live election night drinking game.

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