Hard News by Russell Brown


Just a quickie today, to welcome aboard our new crew member, David Haywood, and farewell the departing Che. Most of you will be familiar with David's fine work as a guest blogger for us, including his examination of energy policies, The Opposite of Cold Showers and his interview with Shahzad Ghahreman, which drew a phenomenal response in June.

He's been first-reserve for a while, and the decision to include him in the starting lineup when a vacancy emerged was not a difficult one. It also allows us to continue with our diversity policy by promoting yet another minority. Yes, a South Islander. Please feel free to offer David your personal greetings.

And Che. As he pointed out in his valedictory post, it's all true: when we discovered him he was washing dishes in Melbourne; now he's a PhD with a fancy research job in Wellington. But really, I can take credit for no more than being a reasonable judge of talent. Che went from sending me lengthy, intelligent responses to things I'd written, to guest blogs, to his own blog. It's been a pleasure to have him here, and I think he's really added to a range of debates. Plus - and this actually matters round here - he's a really good guy. Well met, that man.

Just one link for you today. Bob Woodward discusses A State of Denial on CBS 60 Minutes: OneGoodMove has the video.

PS: Public Address reader and Great Blend attender Andre Dromgool has a day job with investment services company IRG, and he has offered other Public Address readers 20 free passes to his Investment University project, which will offer an investment primer in the not-yer-usual environment of Gold Bar, 212 Ponsonby Road, with beverages from 42 Below and Babich, and music from George FM's DJ Karn for afters. The four weekly sessions begin on Thursday with share investing. If you want to attend, contact me and I'll send your name through.