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Bowie for the BDO?

Would you like David Bowie headlining the Big Day Out next year? The Triple M website this week flagged Bowie as 2010's potential "superstar attraction", and a Ken West posted the brief comment "david bowie is confirmed" on an Australian concert listings forum yesterday. There's no way of knowing whether that actually is the Ken West who is the co-founder and promoter of the Big day Out, but still …

The act more-or-less certain to feature in Tuesday morning's first announcement is Muse, which does not excitement me in the slightest, but will doubtless please a few people.

Looking at who's been playing festivals this past European summer, realistic predictions might be: for returns from Dizzee Rascal, Lilly Allen and the Ting Tings, and debut visits from Glasvegas and Calvin Harris.

I'm looking forward to Tuesday morning.


I could be mistaken, but when we went out to the family car this morning, it looked a lot like it was lightly coated in Australia. I wiped my finger across the bonnet: it came off with a very fine red-brown dust. The last time I can recall seeing this, I was a kid living on the West Coast.

The weather here, of course, has been less colourful and more, well, cold. My darling and I take off in a few hours to enjoy a weekend in Wellington attending the World of Wearable Art Awards and seeing friends and my mum, and we've been keenly watching the wires to see if the temperature in the capital might reach, say, half that in Auckland.

But they're obviously made of stern stuff down there. The MetService page for Wellington presently says "1 layer of clothing is recommended to remain comfortable in these conditions". The what, now? I think I'll still take my coat, if that's okay with y'all.

But while I have your hardy attention: where should I take my mum for lunch in Wellington tomorrow? I'm thinking: special without being overbearingly flash.


Something to bounce around to: P Money has mashed up David Dallas's 'Indulge Me' with 'The Motion' by Duck Sauce ("Now I can play your raps in my house sets bro LOL"). It's quite the party tune.


Who says the Germans have no sense of humour? See: 10 drugs not to take when driving:


Dear Matt and Chris from 95bFM Thursday Drive: I'm really happy for you (what with you new Deja Voodoo album and all) and imma let you finish, but what you pulled yesterday from the King's Arms was one of the worst games of Rock Thundernasiumdome ever.

Seriously. Your topic is "songs about technology" and one round gets won by Corey Hart's 'Sunglasses at Night'? WTF? And you know what else? 'Ca Plane Pour Moi' is not about an aeroplane? Clearly, you numbskulls, you don't know that.

But imma save you on this one. Because I'm picking that Public Address readers could find many more better "songs about technology" on YouTube, and just paste in the URLs into the discussion for this post.

Imma start with 'Machine Song', originally recorded by The Gordons, and performed here this year by Dimmer:

Now there's a song you have to hold your mouth right for.

Righto. I'm packing.

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