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Body image and the media

Just a quick note to say that in this week's Media7 show we're looking at the media and body image. It's been a hot topic across the Tasman, where Australia's Next Top Model host Sarah Murdoch appeared on the cover of the Australian Women's Weekly without being Photoshopped – but with the benefit, of course, of professional lighting, makeup and god's own cheekbones.

Murdoch was also part of the oddly glamorous launch of a report from a government advisory board on body image and the media.

The issue has been all over the media lately – witness the flap over Ralph Lauren's response to being picked up by bloggers over a painfully Photoshopped picture of a model who, it turns out, had already been fired being, allegedly, too fat. But why are both sides always talking about weight? What about the other ways in which we're different from the perfect people we see in the media?

Ill be joined for the discussion by new Next editor Christina Wickstead, Joe Cotton and Tracey Barnett.

And then later in the show, I'll talk to Bill Francis as he prepares to step back from a 45-year in talk radio.

Short notice I know, but we can still accommodate you if you'd like to join us for the recording at TVNZ tonight – just click "Reply" and let me know. We'd need you to arrive between 5pm and 5.30.

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