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Badasses of Auckland (updated)

Hello! We have one more Orcon IRL talk event for the year – and this one's a bit different. Rather than being at Golden Dawn, we'll be in Aotea Square on December 5, as part of Summer in the Square. Look here's our Badasses of Auckland event page. It's very official.

Badasses? Yes, badasses. Esther Macintyre and I will be talking to three people who each in their own ways take no prisoners: ace New Zealand Herald education reporter Kirsty Johnston, who upends every round she comes to and shakes out the stories; film producer Ant Timpson, who has found ways to make movies and take them gurgling and screaing to the world; and Sophie Roberts, who has had a big, bold first year as Silo Theatre's artistic director. And then we'll all convene on a panel and answer your questions.

We'll be under a shade tent in the square and you might just be relaxing on one of the free deckchairs. Our session officially runs from 1-5pm, and it'll start with some nice music and finish with a performance on the bandstand (there's a bandstand) by current 95bFM No.1 L V J, with the talk parts in the middle.

We'll take breaks so you can go get drinks and things and you can stay for it all or just stroll up for a bit. I'll update you with runsheet times next week. But for now, make note that we're in Aotea Square 1-5pm on Saturday, December 5 and we'd love to see you.

UPDATE: Here's that runsheet.

1.00: Matthew Crawley starts playing music from the bandstand.

1.45-2.05: Russell Brown introduces the show and Esther Macintyre interviews Sophie Roberts.

2.05-2.20: Refreshment break.

2.20-2.40: Russell interviews Ant Timpson.

2.40-2.55: Refreshment break.

2.55-3.15: Esther and Russell interview Kirsty Johnston.

3.15-3.30: Refreshment break.

3.30-4.00: PANEL with all guests + hosts. Theme: 'Auckland, where u at?'

4.00: LVJ performs at the bandstand.

Unless the weather seriously packs up, we have shelter and we'll play rain ot shine. You'll be able to usethe breaks to have a look around the market, grab a drink at The Box or whatever.

Note that there will not be a 95bFM webcast this time, so you'll need to get on down if you want to see and hear the event.

Thanks, as ever to our friends at Orcon, who make this all possible..

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