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Awful in more than one way

You just knew that Instapundit and Michelle Malkin would respond to the Virginia Tech massacre by implying that it wouldn't have happened if VTech hadn't been a gun-free campus, but you'd think they might have been able to wait more than a couple of hours after the deaths to start the politicking.

The gun-control argument in the US is impenetrable and pretty much pointless for outsiders to engage with - although John Howard slated US "gun culture" yesterday - and the fact that the shooting coincided with a National Rifle Association convention that drew a staggering 60,000 delegates underlines the fact that what I think hardly matters anyway.

But I did like this counterblast to Glenn Reynolds and the there-just-weren't-enough-guns-on-campus argument from a local resident:

And maybe, if you'd thought for two seconds, you would have figured out that even the most fervent gun owner probably wouldn't think to take their gun to their morning ENGINEERING CLASS.

And maybe, Glenn, if you'd thought any longer than that, you would have realized that we don't live in a video game or a Clint Eastwood movie and that even a skilled and responsible gun owner who just happened to think, "Wow, maybe I'll take my gun to class just in case some crazy guy bursts in and unloads two clips into the crowd," who just happened to have that gun sitting in their lap and not packed in their bag, and who just happened to be staring directly at the door and not taking notes or listening to the lecture when some crazy guy did, in fact, burst in with both barrels blazing would still probably have been too busy hiding behind his or her desk and/or bleeding to death to do any good.

But you didn't stop to think, did you Glenn, because you don't give a rat's ass for Blacksburg and you don't give even half a rat's ass for the dead and wounded. You just wanted to score a cheap point. You saw the news that upwards of twenty young students had been killed and thought, "What a PERFECT time to say something stupid!"

I know we on the left get a lot of flak for bad language here on the left. And I know we've got a reputation for being angry, but there's only one thing to say here.

Fuck you Glenn Reynolds. Fuck you.

And stay the fuck out of my town.

Anyway, if you'd like a Glock 19 of your own, these guys are happy to sell you one in any flavour you like. Although the consumer reviews ("Never has a gun made such a fashion statement as the Glock did when it made its debut in the eighties") are average.

Elsewhere on the internets, some news organisations got the wrong armed-to-the-teeth Asian guy, the Chicago Tribune couldn't tell the difference between Chinse and Korean, people flocked to GoDaddy to register VTech massacre-related domain names, and Newsvine was <a href="http://www.searchmarketinggurus.com/search_marketing_gurus/2007/04/newsvine_
beats_.html" target="_blank">adjudged to have beaten Digg and Reddit to the news, the Washington Post continues to round up blog and social network site responses. And dozens and dozens of people were killed on another day in Iraq.

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