Hard News by Russell Brown

At least it's not pr0n

Clearly, our happy home's father-son relationship is not the only one out there to embrace the living, giving love of the fart joke. So seeing as it's Friday, I've posted a copy of Farting Preacher 2: Fart Harder, which showcases the evangelical work of Robert Tilton and is about as good as fart humour gets.

It's an 11.67MB Windows Media file, and you may care to right-click and save it. I'll probably take it down after a few days, so as not to abuse our bandwidth arrangements. But for now, have fun and share the love. (If you really love it, I'll consider posting Farting Preacher 3.)

And don't forget to check out Newtown Ghetto Anger's take on MySpace and (thanks James Tyson) the CommoCofeee 64, a vintage gadget from Italy that uses a Commodore 64 as a timer for an espresso machine (and that looks like not a bad cup they've made there).

Note: none of the above applies to public servants. You guys should get back to work, pronto.