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After the Deluge

Just a quickie about tonight's Media7 recording. We're leading with a look back at the coverage of the earthquake and tsunami in Samoa – which I think should generally be applauded.

I'll be joined by One News' Lisa Owen, 3 News' Adam Ray, and Radio New Zealand’s, Leilani Momoisea to talk about their own reporting and the story in general. We also have interviews on the ground in Samoa shot for us by Throng TV's Hamish Coleman-Ross.

The other part of the programme nods to New Zealand Book Month and enquires after the future of books and the industry that supports them. Have the respective roles of publishers ad authors changed, when author increasingly do their own marketing? Have the big book chains ruined the local market? When does it go digital?

I'll be joined for that by reviewer and publisher Graham Beattie, Women’s Bookshop Proprietor Carole Beu and author Michele Powles, the 2010 Robert Burns Fellow at the University of Otago and director of New Zealand Book Month.

If you'd like to join us for the recording, hit Reply and let me know asap. We'd need you at TVNZ from 5pm-ish.

Otherwise, any questions or observations you might have on either topic would be welcome in the discussion for this post.


Meanwhile, a big Twitter moment yesterday, as the law firm Carter Ruck tried to prevent The Guardian from reporting a Parliamentary question relating to toxic waste dumping off the Ivory Coast by its corporate client Trafigura.

Independent sites such as Guido Fawkes joined the social media surge, and Carter Ruck – so often the bully in these cases – dropped its bid to prevent Parliament being reported. Good.

Not so good: tons of Twitter spam jumping on the #carterruck hashtag. Oh well …

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