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A little patch of turf

Okay, so here's the guy's MySpace page. The guy, that is, who has been arrested on suspicion of murdering five prostitutes in Suffolk. It's the story of the MySpace era that grabbing a little patch of turf in cyberspace is now so trivially easy that even the most troubled of souls might be there, friending with people who have no idea who they are.

The likes of Rain, who hasn't deleted Tom Stephens as a friend and now has people thinking her new love is the accused himself. The 257 comments are quite a parade.

Laila Harre had Roger Kerr for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the minimum wage issue on Morning Report today.

Further discussion on No Right Turn.

Richard Prebble continues to toss up theories about the provenance of the Hollow Men emails. Please try and forget allegations about dirty party politics: the latest hot tip is "anonymous tipoffs that it has nothing to do with party politics but is the work of a rich individual, from the Bay of Plenty, who has an obsession with the Reserve Bank and has paid private investigators a bucket load of money to obtain the documents". Um, okay.

In the US, John McCain gears up for his presidential run by springing something called the Stop the Online Exploitation of Our Children Act. And yes, it's as cynical and OTT as it sounds.

For no particular reason, a clip from BBC’s Planet Earth series about the parasitic cordyceps fungi which infiltrates an insect host, feeds on it, and then bursts out of its body. Eeeww.

And, finally: last day to participate in the Public Address 2006 Word of the Year vote, sponsored by Whisky Galore. We'll draw a whisky winner and announce the result tomorrow.

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