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Of Racks and Ratings

Yeah well it was about time this blog was relevant than more for updates about my trips to the zoo. And it shouldn't be surprising that it took a post about bare boobs to raise the ratings here, after all, that was the entire point of the post.

In the meantime the print media have come a calling, and spoken to various important people at TV3 and TVNZ about the rumours I'd put in print. Which of course makes one nervous, because what if I was just making it all up? What if my friends have a bad case of Chinese Whispers?

Which I thought I'd perhaps covered off by saying very early on in my last post "This could all be bullshit of course, the media industry is a great one for gossip." But that's unlikely to be added as a disclaimer in any subsequent print story.

I'm told that the powers that be at TV3 have denied it all. Which of course they would - there is absolutely no PR value whatsoever in admitting that a show isn't doing very well and has been given an ultimatum. They've also pointed out John Campbell is still under contract. Three words: Paul Holmes, Prime.

But I've also since had it confirmed via someone on staff at Campbell Live that the rumours are true. Also, I would've thought this John Drinnan piece from last week at least alluded to half of what I've said. You don't order someone back from their holiday to meet with you so you can pat them on the back and say "awesome job dude, now let's hit the strips..."

The feedback from the last blog has been interesting, and is worth a read. A bunch of people have said to me personally they hope Campbell Live does continue because competition is healthy and that two shows mean we can see differening viewpoints. I'd agree with the latter, although as I said in the last post, it's a perverse fact that competition in media often results in a race to the bottom.

What would I like to see? Well if Campbell Live resists the temptation to go completely tabloid, and is scrapped, it's be great if Campbell (for whom I have a great deal of respect) - still under contract, still getting paid - is given a show (daily/weekly/whatever) in a later timeslot, where he doesn't need to pander to the demands of primetime ratings. A smart show. The sort of thing you might see on the BBC. The sort of show it seems (from the feedback at least) many of us thought Campbell Live was going to be in the first place. The sort of show it's not.

Why not be completely brave, transform Nightline into must-see late night telly rather than a showcase for young hotties? I'd watch.

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