Cracker by Damian Christie


Mo' Wellington

It was with some bemusement I discovered yesterday that the crowd at Wellingtonista have nominated Cracker in their Best of Wellington awards. It was only earlier that morning I had been jokingly asking Russell to pick up my predicted clean sweep.

I have, after all, been on the receiving end of various kinds of stick for penning a certain Metro article on our capital a few months back. I’m surprised I wasn’t nominated alongside Terry and Kerry in this category.

Little Dudes building a sand castle, Island Bay

However as the dust has settled I guess the Wellington blogosphere has realised that if my piece had any impact, it was to reduce the number of JAFAs visiting, and that can hardly be considered a bad thing, can it?

Sunbathing, Welly styles

Truth is, this little town ain’t so bad, even if I’m not exactly unpacking all my cartons and perusing the local real estate section. And there have been more than a few great weekends down here of late, including a stunning Sunday spent in the Greater Wellington Suburb of Martinborough doing the wine & food thing with tens of thousands of other Wellingtonians.

Dude on a BMX, Oriental Bay

(Although does anyone else find the whole Movember thing is actually getting a bit too ubiquitous? I mean, great cause and all, but soooo many people are doing it, and when they’re all gathered en masse like they were in Martinborough, it starts to resemble an old MOT convention. Later in the day, a few too many pinot noirs mixed with just the right number of chardonnays and hours of beating sun, and I feel not entirely unlike an acid-riddled Hunter S, walking into that hotel lobby during the police convention.)

The Island, of Island Bay fame

Scattered throughout this blog are a few photos I’ve taken around town (Island Bay and Oriental Bay) on my new (old) Rolleiflex TLR. Photos I felt like sharing, possibly so I can say I’ve actually contributed something positive to Wellington, just in case you wanted to vote for me. (If you're from Auckland, you should just vote for me anyway). There are more photos and bigger versions of these ones in the gallery link below.

That’s all. If you need me, I’ll be in Afghanistan.

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