Cracker by Damian Christie

I love the smell of retina in the morning

In case you missed it from the wee sidebar on page A5 of the Herald yesterday:

"Paul Ellis, manager of NZ Idol runner-up Michael Murphy, yesterday issued the following statement: "In an article in the New Zealand Herald on September 6, I made comments about Robyn Gallagher.

"In retrospect and on further information, I regret that I made assumptions about Ms Gallagher, and I am sorry for any distress that I caused her."

‘nuff said.

“I never should’ve had that trendy laser eye surgery. Who could’ve known after ten years your eyes just fall out!” - Ned Flanders

I get the first of my eyes lasered in a couple of hours time. So by the time many of you read this, I’ll either be the bionic man, or a pirate. Either way I’ll be happy, Arrrrrrrr.

According to what I’ve been told (and let me tell you, it seems everyone knows at least one story about laser eye surgery gone wrong) you can actually smell your own eye burning. My pre-op notes tell me it smells like burning hair. That, for me, is going to be one of the highlights.

I’ll let you know what it was like in the next couple of days. Wish me luck.

And do read the Lange speech. Those of you who know who Lange is, of course. I read Tom Scott’s piece in the latest Listener (off-line only, I’m afraid) in which he describes a phone call from someone involved in the marketing of his Lange doco.

“What’s it about?” the woman asked.

“David Lange.”

“Oh. Who’s he?”

Sadly, it’s not an isolated incident. In my job-before-last, at a media monitoring agency, I came across a number of young (early twenties) “educated” people who couldn’t spell Lange. ‘Longey’ was the most common attempt.

“You don’t know show to spell David Lange?” I’d ask.

“Who's David Longey?” they’d respond.

“Don’t they teach you hist…” I stopped myself before my father’s words came out of my mouth. Those of you with children, it might be time for some enlightened dinner-table discussion.