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A Good Week

As the title of this post suggests, it's been a good week at Cracker HQ.

On Monday, Wallace and I hosted a Back Benches Super City Special at the Northern Steamship Co here in Auckland. As Russell would say, "I thought it was a very useful discussion", and it's worth watching, here.

What was evident was the support, both from some of the main panel (which consisted of Rodney Hide, Phil Twyford, Sue Bradford, John Carter and Pita Sharples) and many of the crowd, for Manukau Mayor Len Brown's bid to Rule Them All. My discussion with the current local mayors (other than Banks, who was a no-show) was quite amusing, particularly Bob Harvey who won't say whether he's running, but says he won't be announcing it this early on if he is.

Even if it ends up being a two-horse race between Banks and Brown, it'll be very interesting. Many of my friends, who wouldn't have pissed on John Banks if he was on fire a few years back have now come around, mostly after the disappointment of Dick Hubbard's terms. Banks has come back more humble (or at least has been convinced to talk less) and kept his head down for the most part. "He get things done" tends to be what my friends tell me, and whether this is true or just a great line in spin, that's what will win him votes.

So that was Monday. On Tuesday, I'm delighted to announce, my darling (and some would say, long-suffering) Rebecca agreed to marry me. Which was nice, as Harry Enfield might put it.

The third part of my history pilot went up this week too. As requested by someone, somewhere, I've included the first of the Country Calendar spoofs, the farmer who plays the musical fence, from 1977. Unfortunately I've had to cut it down - from 15 minutes to about two or three - which is pretty brutal but hopefully you still get the sense of it.

The fourth part should be up on Monday. It'll be the last for a little while, but it looks like things are going to happen there (more good news this week), so fingers crossed and watch this space.

Calling all bird lovers - Forest & Bird's annual Bird of the Year competition is underway again, and this year I'm the Campaign Manager for the mighty Pukeko. Which basically means if you read this, you really should go and vote for our beloved Swamphen. Please. We're being beaten by the Takehe, which is like a rubbish version of the Pukeko - it can't even breed properly.

Finally, I'm sitting here waiting for my taxi to take me to the airport. I'm off for a couple of weeks of diving, ape spotting and general japes in Indonesia. I hope to blog at least once while I'm away, if not I'll give you the lowdown when I get back. Bye!

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