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Ice Rink Luck

by Jackson Perry

There's an ice rink in Aotea Square.  Seems a simple thing to say, but in fact it is quite an achievement.

While this is a temporary fixture as part of the Winter Showtime programme, it gives a sense of what New York, London and a few other major cities enjoy, and is helping draw a happy crowd of social sliders into the 'heart of the city'.  Making a pleasant change from... well, other activities.

Last night I was lucky enough to attend the media event, which included an impressive performances by The Imperial Ice Stars, who are here for another show in the programme, The Nutcracker on Ice.

I also went for a little skate myself, but I'm hoping the cameras were off for that bit.

We are late to this party, but why not make this our 'Winter Activity' thread?  Anyone playing in the snow, or taking wintery beach walks, or capturing the cold crisp night sky, show us what you got.

Capture away.